Design Registration No. 249321

Nail Gun is a mechanical device, which is power fed, compressed air, electric or fuel. This particular device replaces Hammer and Nail, and highly increases work speed, accuracy and efficiency.

In this product design, the motor rotates two drive axles. It’s operation is seen in the following environments:

1. Where power tools are used
2. Fast working with precision and accuracy
3. Production industries
4. Students workshops in institutes
5. Home users
Primary Users:
1. Carpenters
2. People working in House making, furniture, boat making and industries.
3. Students in engineering and design institutes
4. Workers in metal and wood workshops
5. General public for household works.

Faster work, High production, Saves time and labour, Gives more precision and accuracy, Clean work


Safety issues, Bad ergonomics, Maintenance, Not portable, Whacks Nails with certain energy regardless of hardness of material