Design Registration No. 259688

A solar powered LED lamp, made using a coconut shell. The lamp has a life of about 2 years. It uses a 2.4V, 1200mAh Ni-mh battery which is charged by a solar panel of (0.5W in this cas e) 5 .3V and 110mA. LED used here r uns at 3.5V and draws a const ant of 70mA ( appro x).

• Does not produce CO2 unlike kerosene lamps.
• The solar panel works as a steady base when the lamp is being used.
• Small size: 10.5 X11.5 X4. 7cms.
• Easy push ON-OFF switch.
• No manual or installation required
1. The Lamp does not use any plastic body.
2. It is an eco-friendly lighting solution for rural india.
3. Can be used by anyone, just the electronics have to be supplied for assembly.