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NDBI is an independent entity located within the premises of National Institute of Design, has been setup with the support of Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Government of India, where in NID is giving its handholding support since its inception. NDBI is incorporated as a non-profit entity under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (No. 1 of 1956) of India.

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11. Navyoni Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
12. BombayCat Films Pvt. Ltd.
13. Miniscious Pvt. Ltd.
14. TAD Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
15. Ryot Agro Pvt. Ltd.
16. Sugar Shell Brands Pvt. Ltd.
17. Gradepoint Global Pvt. Ltd.
18. Abhiyantrik Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
19. Enfost Design Pvt. Ltd.
20. Suvnik Concierge Services Pvt. Ltd.

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IPR Cell (Intellectual Property Rights)

The National Institute of Design strives to encourage creativity and innovation. It has become globally evident that the competitiveness of any enterprise depends on its ability to innovate with respect to its products, services and systems and to distinguish itself in terms of its competitors in the market.

Design has become a significant differentiator and a source of value-addition in the market place. Innovation through design involves heavy investments of time and money in research and development (R and D). know more

Moreover, in the context of ever shortening product life-cycles and product differentiation coupled with a market driven by vagaries, it is becoming more and more essential to manage Intellectual Property Rights effectively. The intangible nature of intellectual property and the world-wide consistency of standard practices create a challenging environment for businesses wishing to protect their innovations, brands and design.

Protection of designs play an important role in the economy by ensuring that other competitors do not get access to the innovations of the company that has developed it by investing substantial intellectual efforts in creating new and alternative designs. In addition, design registrations can also become important sources of wealth to the company through royalties.

NID first established its Intellectual Property Rights Cell in 1999. The vision guiding the establishment of the IPR Cell was in harnessing and spreading the power of human creativity.

The IPR cell generates awareness on IPR issues within NID by encouraging IPR related research, promoting and facilitating access to resources on IPR and formulating guidelines relating to IPR.

The IPR cell has organized sensitization programs, seminars and has facilitated several registrations of intellectual property. All these events provide an introduction to the fundamentals of intellectual property with an emphasis on the registration and protection of industrial designs and other relevant IPs.

The IPR Cell is constantly striving towards strengthening linkages with like-minded organizations to leverage its’ intellectual property portfolio further.

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Deputy Manager (IT)

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Deputy Manager - Operations

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